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Computing Pool

Cavendish Laboratory

Studying at Cambridge

Contact us

To contact the Pool Computing Officers and Technicians, please email

Before you do, though, please read on to find out how you can help us help you.

If you are emailing us with a problem, the minimum information we need is:

  • your CRSID, if you are not using your Cambridge email address;
  • your research group;
  • your computer's name;
  • which operating system you're using (Windows, GNU/Linux, or other Unix-like operating system);
  • what you did;
  • what you expected to happen; and
  • what actually happened instead, including any error messages (copied-and-pasted if possible).

Please do not send us any passwords as we have administrative access to most systems and do not usually need it.

Some of the information above may not be relevant or available, but please try to provide as much as possible so that your problem is dealt with by the right person and in the right way.

If you are emailing with a request, for instance for software installation or connection to the network, please provide the first four items of the list as appropriate.


If you are unable to email us, or failing any response from us for a reasonable time-frame, you could either phone us on 46750 or visit our office in 328a on the ground floor of the Mott building. However, if you do see or speak to us in person, there may be a delay in finding the appropriate CO to deal with your request: for this reason, please email us if you possibly can.

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