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Mott Domain File Access

So you want to access the Mott Servers?
To do this, you will need to first work out what Operating System you are using (This should be the easy bit). Then skip down to the relevant section.


Accessing using a single command from the command line
Click on Start
(Win XP only) Click on Run
(Win 7/Vista only) Click on 'Search programs and files'
type> \\\<group>
type> \\\<crsid>
When prompted, enter your Mott domain username and password and click OK
This should open a window to your desired location.
Accessing using a batch file to map drives
This method is probably better if you plan on reconnecting ofter
Create a new file (map-drives.bat)
Add a line as follows for each mapping you require
net use <letter>: \\\<share> /USER:mott\<crsid> /persistent:no
When you have completed this file, save it then double click on it to run it

Once run you should get a black command prompt box that displays the connections being made.

If your local and domain passwords are the same then you should have not further prompts.
If they are not then it will pause waiting for you to input your domain password.


This assumes you are running a version of MacOS X.
Click on Go
Click on Connect to Server
In the Server Address bar type> smb://
Click on Connect
You should be prompted for your password, ensure the Username includes the Domain (Mott) and your CRSID (mott\<crsid>)
Click on OK
Select the relevant volume you wish to mount
(CRSID or Group)
Click OK
This should open the share you desire.


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