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Printing - Introduction

We have a number of network printers available across the Pool supported networks.

Many of these are "communal" printers which will be in a sensible location that you can get to at all sorts of strange work hours. Others are behind locked doors, or are in private offices.

Please be sensible about which printers you send print jobs to. It won't do you any good to print on Professor X's printer needlessly.

Why should we print through the print server?

Technically, you could set your machine up to print directly to the printer and completely ignore the print servers.

But, imagine if everyone does this.

Now imagine if someone has a multiple hundred page print job that gets into trouble while printing, and keeps on printing the same 10 pages over and over again.

Now imagine trying to track down that 1 person in our 400+ user base in order to ask them to stop their job.

If we print via one of these print servers, all the jobs are sent to one point which allows us to easily cancel any troublesome ones.

In theory, it should also make your life slightly easier on the installation of the printer as well. Double win! :)

To that end, we have setup a few pages to help you on your way:

Windows Printing - Mott Network

Linux Printing - Mott Network

Macintosh Printer - Mott Network

Please get in touch with us via the usual mechanism if you have difficulties and we'll see if we can help solve your problem.

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