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Can I have this bit of software?


There are various pieces of software in use around the groups supported by the Pool.

Site Licensed

Some of these are licensed by the Department centrally, such as:

These can be installed on any machine for academic and research purposes.

The University also licenses:

  • McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise

This is licensed to cover all departmental machines, and all of your personal machines as well.

We encourage you to take advantage of this license! (We don't want you bringing in a bug from your home machine to infect our systems!).

License required

Some software is used extensively, but does require a license to be purchased. Most of these (so far) can usually be purchased from the University Computing Service sale division. These are usually at a significantly cheaper than buying off the shelf from PC World.

If a piece of software is not available from the UCS, then you will have to purchase it either from a 3rd party distributor, or from the production company direct.

Always remember enquire about an academic discount!

License free/Free License

These terms don't necessarily mean the same thing over all, but as far as cost goes, you can expect it to be 0 in general.

There are a number of popular packages used around the department such as:

  • Libre Office
  • Firefox
  • PuTTY
  • WinSCP
  • Cygwin
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Gimp

These can provide similar features to software that you pay money for, sometimes in a better way. It usually comes down to preference.


Installing the software

Most of the free packages can be downloaded from the web.

The site licensed packages are made available from the Physics web server, but the Pool try and maintain a mirror of these as well.

We also try and maintain a copy of most of the installation media for paid for software.

Before we install any software for you, we will need to see a copy of the license, or if it is a rush job, we will need to see proof of purchase beforehand (depending on the software, we may not be able to progress without the license details anyway).

If you install software yourself, you must ensure you are covered by a license. Failure to do so could get you (and possibly your head of group) on the wrong side of the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) (this can bring a hefty financial penalty).
We will not take responsibility for any trouble you get yourself into!

If you are in any doubt, please ask us.

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