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Supported/Unsupported software

We are a small team, so we cannot provide support for every piece of software under the sun. This list is not exhaustive, but should give you an idea of what we can and can't help you with.

We will try and list what level of support we can provide for which pieces of software. These are (in increasing order of skillset):

  • Installation - We know how to install it and get it licensed (use of it is a best guess)
  • Use/how-to - We know the basics of how it works for a user
  • Bug Fix - We know how to fix a number of known bugs
  • Development - We have active knowledge of the software and its inner workings

If we don't know how to bug fix something, it will generally mean we go and look up the solution to a problem you might be having. This takes a bit more time.

Supported Software

  • Microsoft Office 2010 - Use/how-to
  • Microsoft Office 2013 - Installation
  • Microsoft Windows 8 - Installation
  • Microsoft Windows 7 - Bug fix
  • Microsoft Windows XP - Bug fix (But only where absolutely required and chances are we'll recommend replacing with Windows 7)
  • Mathworks MATLAB - Installation
  • National Instruments Labview - Installation
  • Origin Lab Origin - Installation
  • PuTTY - Use/how-to
  • Wolfram Mathematica - Installation
  • WinSCP - Use/how-to

Unsupported Software

  • Windows 2000 and below
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