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OE and ME are served by both physical and virtual servers. np-nobelium, np-platinum and nom-1 are the main physical servers in the NOM network and act as hosts to the virtual print server np-ps01. np-nobelium is located in the Kapitza building and np-platinum and nom-1 are situated in the 704 link room. Attached to np-nobelium and nom-1 are large SAN's, which are used for data storage purposes. Both physical and virtual machines run Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012 operating systems in a standard Active Directory domain configuration.



In both the Kapitza and MRC buildings user workstations are primarily Dell Optiplex machines of varying specification. In the labs, and for some experiments, PARS and WoC (World of Computers) PC’s run alongside Dell machines, according to necessity. Unless otherwise requested, user and lab workstations run Microsoft Windows 7 Professional as an operating system, although Windows XP still exists for now. New computers and workstations will come with the standard 4Gb of RAM and running 64-bit Windows 7 unless explicitly requested.



Backups are performed bi-weekly between the OE/ME and NP groups and are undertaken by a tape library in K2. Tapes are stored offsite in a separate building to Kapitza and the MRC in case of fire or theft. VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) is run as a service on np-nobelium which means users and admins can quickly restore files and folders without having to resort to tape based backup.



np-ps01 acts as a print server for OE and ME and allows mono and colour duplex printing in the MRC and Kapitza buildings. Several high capacity printers and photocopiers are located in the two buildings ensuring that print times and availability are optimised.



Both buildings have multiple wireless networks available to them. Of note to visitors in the Lapwing access, with time-based tickets allocated on a per user basis allowing guests to access the internet via their personal laptops. To regular NOM users or long-term guests two other WiFi networks are present to allow standard network and domain access with print capability.

Eduroam is also available through the Lapwing access points and provides a good connection for laptops and mobile devices. Once set up, Eduroam is available in a wide area of universities and locations throughout the world, including Europe, Canada, the United States and Asia-Pacific.


VPN and Remote Access

VPDn and remote access using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop is allowed to the private network of the NOM domain. Public facing computers (i.e. computers with IP's starting 131.x.x.x) and workstations are blocked from RDP access for security reasons.



OE and ME use a large range of (primarily) Microsoft Windows based software and installation and removal is possible for users using the WPKG system. Access to non-Windows software can be arranged by the Pool Computing Officers. Current department wide licensing extends to:




The OE website is hosted on Falcon and can be seen here

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